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Such a striped Cucurbitaceae, and in fact watermelon is a tremendous part of gourd kind, except the marvelous taste, has a multi-faceted curative impact and is recognized as a benevolent slimming plant. Calorie content of this tasty ball is only 38 kcal per 100 g of pulp, it is likely the one goody, consuming which you don't need to think about the excess kilograms. The flesh of this sweetness satiates good, and paying attention to the low caloric capacity of the gourd, it is usually applied for weight loss. For sweet lover there is even a special menu with watermelon, which you can learn on Julia's Diets. Except the diets, nutritionists often suggest to use a fasting day on the plant in the case of extra kilograms. Watermelon is also advised if required as a medical starvation during treatment. Website URL:
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